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George Zimmerman's Injuries

The UPI recently released a story which is puts another dent in  the original  narrative:

Report: Zimmerman had broken nose

This is fairly conclusive evidence that Zimmerman's account of Martin attacking him was truthful.

Beyond what this story says about the Zimmerman case, reaction on the internet says a lot about how the left responds to inconvenient facts. I first found this story on Tara Servatius's facebook page. Most of the responses were fairly sane, but one person said the following:

If I were a 17 yr old heading home, and a nut job like Zimmerman started following me, then chasing and confronting me, a broken nose, a couple of black eyes, and some scrapes would be the least of his concerns

So apparently Zimmerman had the beat down coming. I guess this poster thinks Zimmerman should not have done anything to stop it, since he was only getting what he deserved.

I shared the link to the story on my page. The first person to respond said the following:

not that it's what he did, but he could have easily broken his own nose the minute he realized how unattacked he appeared to public scrutiny

Let's pretend for a moment that "unattacked" is a word.  And let's forget that it's pure speculation that Zimmerman broke his nose.We still have that he was not  subject to public scrutiny until about a month after the attack. The broken nose was known about the next day.

Another commenter on my page repeated that Zimmerman had a beat-down coming:

if someone started following me around in the dark I'd deck them and break their nose too if they got near me.

This same person later said, in reference to Zimmerman, "It's hard for me to have much sympathy for people who eschew discipline under the guise of demanding more freedoms." I guess breaking a complete stranger's nose is a sign of self-discipline.

I posted a factual news story. Nobody disputed the facts in the story (I'm not sure any of the commenters even read it). All they had was wild speculation, blame-shifting, and goalpost moving.

It was an excellent illustration of how folks on the left react to facts that don't fit the narrative.