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Seattle Neighborhood Under Attack From "Dive-Bombing" Crows

Here's a story about crows attacking people up in Washington State:

Seattle Neighborhood Under Attack From "Dive-Bombing" Crows

The word "dive-bombing" in the title is a bit sensationalistic. No one was hurt. But it is unnerving.

I know it is because the same thing happened to me today. Only it wasn't a crow. I'm not sure what kind of bird it was. I was walking into my office and heard a whirring sound right next to my ear. I looked around and saw it was a bird.

She came to rest on a bicycle seat. I looked at her and said "you are causing me not to like birds". I turned around and as I was walking away she whirred past my ear again. Hearing the noise a second time I wasn't sure if it was really the sound of her flying or some kind of guttural noise she was making.

Things haven't reached the level of a Hitchcock movie yet, but I'm wondering if birds in general are losing their fear of humans and becoming aggressive.