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James Altucher On Kissing

I arrived at work a little early yesterday. I had some time to read James Altucher's blog. His post that day was called Kissing Ruined My Life. It wasn't really about kissing . It was about the pitfalls that can arise from wanting something too much. Kissing was either a euphemism for sex, or just a proxy for things that are inordinately desired.

I still had a hard time getting past the fact  that he spoke ill of kissing, even if he was being metaphorical. I really like kissing women. I like kissing women even if nothing else happens afterwards. I like kissing so much that I'm going to add a kissing tag to this blog.

I finished reading the post and went to my operating systems class. I wrapped up the material I was doing on computer memory, and began talking about process scheduling. I told the class "we're going to talk about scheduling now". But I almost said "kissing" instead of "scheduling". I did say the right word, but it was too close for comfort.

Maybe Altucher was right. Maybe kissing can ruin your life. Or that liking it too much can ruin your life.

That might be the lesson. I guess another lesson might be not to clutter my mind with other material right before I have to teach.
I hope that's not the lesson, because swearing off kissing might be easier. A voracious mental appetite and access to a web browser can be a deadly combination