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Obama, Satire, and Satire-like Reality

One of my facebook friends posted this image recently:

Don't be Selfish

My initial reaction was that this was not going to help him with women voters. In fact, it could hurt him a lot. In fact, someone with enough political smarts to get elected president would probably know not to create an image like this.

So I posted a comment expressing my skepticism. I was given a link to the Obama campaign site, where they do in fact ask people to include gifts to the Obama campaign in their wedding and other registries. (Someone else expressed similar skepticism at Free Republic and was given a similar reply). But I couldn't find the above image. I don't think it came from the Obama campaign. As near as I can tell, it's origin  is the Reaganite Republican blog.

But don't be too quick to give me a Strange New respect Award. It's pretty clear to me from looking at Reaganite Republicans' blog that he intended this image to satirize and not to deceive. And while the contents of the Obama Registry site are nowhere near as blatant as this image, they're just as audacious when given a minute's thought. The image itself is satire, but it accurately depicts the sentiments in the Obama campaign.

The image is a great piece of satire. I would just encourage any conservatives and libertarians wishing to post this on the net to make it clear that it is satire, and not an actual image from the Obama campaign.   Perhaps a good way to do this is to, instead of posting the image, post a link to the Reaganite Republican blog.