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"But don't the trees seem nice and full?"

The title is a line from Opie The Birdman, episode #102 of The Andy Griffith Show. The clip below should give it some context:

It seems the most appropriate thing to post on the day that Andy Griffith died. It nicely showcases his acting talents, and it's a perfect line about dealing with loss, as many of his fans are doing today.

The internet being what it is, I know volumes have been written about him in the blogosphere already. I can't add anything, but I would recommend a couple of his films where he plays, quite well, characters other than a folksy sheriff.

One of these is A Face In The Crowd, a 1957 Elia Kazan film featuring Griffith as Lonesome Rhodes, a derelict who rises to fame as a media star and political commentator. Lonesome is cruel and manipulative. I am a native North Carolinian who grew up on Andy Griffith reruns, and I didn't think of Sheriff Taylor the whole time I was watching this movie.

The other is Waitress, a film about a waitress who is really good at making pie. Andy Griffith plays the curmudgeonly but basically sweet owner, and in one scene gives an unforgettable monologue. He talks to the title character about pie. He talks about pie in the most beautiful, sensual, poetic language I have ever heard any food spoken of. I think I gained 10 pounds just listening to him, but it was worth it.

RIP Andy Griffith. I am proud to be from your home state.