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The Nathan Portfolio

I saw Nathan last night. The coffee shop was closing, and he came up to several of us who were sitting outside. He came up to me and asked if he could spare 50 cents so he could buy a beer.

I didn't mind giving him 50 cents, even for a non-essential, but I didn't feel right about giving him money to buy beer. My ever keen olfactory told me had already met his MDR for alcohol, and I didn't want to put him over.

Also, he wasn't properly dressed for panhandling. He was wearing clean dress black pants and a clean white shirt. It looks like a waiters uniform. It is important to wear the appropriate attire to work, and this is just as true for panhandlers as it is for waiters. He also had a twenty dollar bill but that was "earmarked". Oh.

Anyway, he was fairly forgiving of my not giving him money, and he offered to give me some stock tips. Since he also told me he was head of the New York Stock exchange, I gave him my attention.

He suggested Duke Energy, since it pays good dividends, General Electric, since it is a very diversified company and also pays dividends,
and Oracle. His reasons for Oracle were not as clear, and he also pointed out that it doesn't pay a dividend.

He opined that the market is undervalued right now and that the Dow could hit 12500 before it falls.

Everything he said of a factual nature was correct and his opinions were not completely outlandish. Many people think the market is undervalued right now (although Dow 12500 might be a bit of a stretch). So he is not talking completely through his hat. Although I'm still skeptical about him being head of the New York Stock Exchange.

He went away, but I soon saw him walking back towards us, waving his arm in the air like someone at a revival experiencing a blessing.
He asked me what God spelled backwards was and I said "Dog".

He asked me what D stood for.

Duke Energy

He asked me what O stood for.


He asked me what G stood for.

General Electric.

It's a clever mnemonic, although I'm not sure why God has to be spelled backwards since it would work just as well as an acronym either way. Perhaps he thought it would be sacrilegious if he didn't. I don't know for sure. Nathan is a man of great mystery.

Today I set up a yahoo portfolio with Nathan's recommendations. I put an amount of cash in that was equal to the value of my current trading portfolio. It will be interesting to see how it does.


The markets have closed since I made this entry. In spite of a good day for all major indices, both my trading portfolio and the nathan portfollio are down. My portfolio is not down quite as much, but that's not very meaningful since the nathan portfolio paid dividends  today and mine didn't. It looks like both of us are dumber than the market! Stay tuned.