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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 7/12/2012

 At the beginning of the poetry reading last night, Jonathan pointed out that July 12 was the birthday of Bill Cosby, Pablo Neruda, and Henry David Thoreau. I shouted out that it was also the birthday of arshes_nei_2005, who was a regular attendee of the poetry readings before she moved away.Jonathan nodded.

He probably already knew that , because he then read a Neruda poem, Perhaps Not To Be Is To Be Without Your Being that Arshes had linked to on her facebook page. I guess I should stop and think before I holler out stuff everybody already knows.

He spoke a little more after that, and went off on a tangent during which he mentioned that cattails are edible. This will be important later, so don't forget.

The first reader was Rob, who read several poems by other people, including a poem by A.E. Stallings  called Triolet on a Line Apocryphally Attributed To Martin Luther. Don't let the very scholarly title fool you...it is a delightful, engaging poem. You should click on the link and read it. The poem came from a book called Olives , which I'm including a link to. Stallings  deserves a plug for writing such a wonderful poem.

I read four haiku. There were only two dead celebrities I wrote about (Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine), but I wrote two for Andy Griffith. North Carolina's native son deserved a really good haiku, and I figured if I wrote two that odds would go up that one of them was really good. I also wrote a haiku that was not about a dead celebrity. I'm branching out

Andy Griffith I

Cherry blossoms fall
But the trees seem nice and full
Andy's flown away

Andy Griffith II

Mayberry's bereft
Of it's good and wise sheriff
Who will fill his shoes?

Ernest Borgnine

A duality:
Mermaid Man, Quintin McHale
Return to the sea

Bonus Non-memorial Haiku

They look like corndogs
I'm not sure you can eat them
Can you eat cattails?