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New Phone

I know that getting a new phone is the kind of non-story that gives blogging and social media a bad name. But there are a couple of subplots and incidents that make it worth writing about.

My Virgin Marbl was working just fine. The problem was that my last charger stopped working. After fooling around with it some, I went to the nearest Best Buy to get a new one.

At least I tried to go to the nearest Best Buy. When I got there, it had closed down. But in a "triumphant story of the the little guy" twist, the Radio Shack about 100 yards away had not closed down. So I went in there.

I showed the young lady behind the counter my Virgin Marbl and asked if they had a charger for it. To her credit, she did not say "bless your heart you poor naive child". At least not with her mouth. She wasn't as successful with her facial expression.

She told me I would probably not be able to find a charger anywhere, except perhaps a Family Dollar Store or Dollar General. It looked like it was time to get a new phone. Fortunately the young lady waiting on me was able to find me a cheap phone that met my requirements. My requirements are that it be prepaid (I hate bills) and a flip phone (which makes pocket-dialing impossible.)

While my new phone was being set up I asked the manager if they got a spike in business when Best Buy closed down. He told me "We did when it first happened 4 years ago".

4 years ago? I need to get out more.

The next day I was talking to  my friend bastardx about my new purchase and told him I would probably not get a smart phone until they stopped making flip phones. He suggested I take it even farther than that. "Just buy up a lot of flip phones". Now there's a thought. Of course, I would still have to buy a smart phone after the last of my hoarded flip phones died. But by that time smart phones would probably come with a star-trek style teleporter.

I do OK without a smart phone, but I have to admit that Sunday  I saw a really interesting looking lizard that made me regret not getting at least a camera phone. Maybe I should be more willing to shell out the money for newer technology after all.


I lost my wall charger for my old flip phone and went into a Radio Shack where the clerk said "Um...Motorola stopped making this phone 2 years ago." I told her I'd only had the phone 3 years. In the end, I walked out of there with an AC adapter and charged the thing with my car charger for a year and change.

Then I had to upgrade it to an iPhone. I was among the last of my friends to get a smartphone.
I was among the last of my friends to get a smartphone.

Well, you have at least one LJ friend who doesn't have a smart phone. The irony here is that I am a computer science professor.