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Stupid Work Stuff + A Poetry Fragment

A lot of things, such as the Freeh Report on Penn State and Obama's infamous speech in Roanoke, that have provoked thought and deserve a blog entry. But they deserve a substantive entry, and that's not going to be possible for a few days now.

I received an email yesterday that I have to be packed up and ready to move to a new office tomorrow. I've known this was coming for a while and have done some preparations, but not enough that the next couple of days will be easy.

The only good part is some of what  I accidentally find while going through things. I'd scribbled the beginnings of a poem in one of the way too many spiral notebooks I have.  It's a blank verse rendition of something I'd read in Alan Turing's biography and might be worth finishing. Here it is:

When Alan Turing was a little boy
He planted his toy soldiers in the ground
You see, they'd lost some limbs and he had hopes
That new undamaged soldiers would soon grow
Like fresh fall crops from fertile planted seeds
I wonder if he knew about Greek myths
Where dragon's teeth were planted in the ground
And yielded crops of fierce brave warriors