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More stupid work stuff + a found poem

I am now moved into my new office, and am caught up on all the grading I'd put off while I was busy with moving. It was an arduous process. I am the king of pack rats, and had a lot of stuff to go through and get rid of. I sold 75 dollars worth of books to a textbook dealer and gave away even more. I filled three boxes of paper to be shredded and filled up our recycling bin many times.

I spent many days going through and getting rid of things before I started packing. I told the lady in charge of the move that I probably seemed like a college student who starts working on a term paper the night before it was due. I then explained I was more like a student who spends everyday but the last one researching and outlining the term paper, and then starts writing the night before it's due.

I came across some amazingly old stuff. I found an unreturned homework of a former student. Actually, I came across the unreturned homework of lots of students. But this particular student has since gone on to graduate school, completed a PhD, and is now a tenure track professor in our college.

I found a paper class roster. They stopped giving us those at least ten years ago. It was printed on a line printer, and it was unburst. Readers old enough to know what "unburst" means will appreciate how old it was.

I also found a handwritten copy of a poem I'd written many years ago. This was a heartening discovery, as I thought it had been lost forever. It's not a great poem, but it is too good to be lost forever. It might even be worth reading. I'll let the reader decide on that second point.

The Palm Reader

By the boardwalk at Venice Beach
A very pretty girl
With jet black hair
And a long blue skirt
With flowers on it
Read my palm for five dollars
She traced my lifeline with her index finger
"It's very long" she said
"You'll live for many many years"
My mother lived to 62
My father not much longer
So she was probably wrong about when I'll die
But that's OK
Because when I die
A pretty girl with jet black hair
Will have held my hand