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My Day

I had a pretty decent day today. I came into work, even though I don't have any classes today. I went over to the faculty dining room and graded some papers over lunch.  Then I walked over to the convenience store near campus and bought some powerball tickets. The jackpot is at  $200 million. If I win, maybe I will get a paid membership here!

Back at the office, I down loaded a secure shell client so I could get onto the linux server we have here. I have been sick to death of having to compute in the PC/Windows world, and it was nice to get back to a good old-fashioned command line. My main reason for this is that I have a lot of  text files left over from  my unix account that looked really funky when I tried to view them on my PC. Once on linux I hunted around for a utility to convert them. About halfway through this I realized I was doing something I frequently chastise others for ...spending more time looking for a canned solution than it should take to write the code myself. So after doing a bit of googling to figure out exactly what the conversion consisted of  (I can never remember if it's windows or unix that has two characters at the end of the line...I'm so retarded sometimes!), I dashed off a c program to take care of the problem. It was only six lines!

It  was great to get back to playing around with a computer and figuring out solutions, as opposed to pouring through manuals which you  have to do in the Microsoft world. It was like a return to Eden.


That's one of my favorite parts about Mac OS X. It has all these bells and whistles and the fancy user friendly stuff, but you can just hit the terminal button and be dropped down to the delicious unix shell, perl, python, C, all easily with your grasp.

PuTTy is a great client! I used it all through my college days. many a program was completed in the span of 11:30-12:00 midnight automatic compilation and run time. I used a great text editor called UltraEdit that included FTP function and neato highlighting (back in my windows days) so I could have on monitor with the source and the other one full-screen command line to the linux mosaic server. hit 'save' and it would upload, switch keyboards and run it... those were the days.