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Life Without Cable

My cable went out Saturday. I'm not sure when it is going to get fixed.

I was feeling under the weather and didn't feel like getting out Saturday (although I finally ventured out that evening), so I felt kind of stuck. I am so so grateful to queenjoni and muffdaddysmooth for the DVD player they gave me or I would have gone insane.

Saturday I watched The Producers, A  Little Romance, and Groundhog Day. A Little Romance is probably the most obscure of the three, and undeservedly so. It is a 1979 George Roy Hill film, with a 14-year-old  Diane Lane in her first role. She plays the precociously wise daughter of a rather shallow American actress working on a shoot in Paris, who meets and falls in love with a charming young French lad who is also an avid film buff.

The two youngsters run away together, and they are taken under the wing of an aging criminal played by Laurence Olivier. I think this is the only one of his movies I've ever seen, and I think his performance here is sufficient to justify his reputation.

Broderick Crawford also has a brief role playing himself. (He's in the cast of the movie being filmed). The French boy is a huge fan.  There's a very good male bonding moment between the two of them, which provides just enough testosterone to keep the movie from being too girly and pretty for members of the male sex.

Someday I'll have to watch this back to back with All The Kings Men...have myself a Broderick Crawford film festival.

Sunday I watched Groundhog Day again.

The cable guy was supposed to come today. I watched Groundhog Day while I waited for him to call.  I think Groundhog Day  is a good movie to watch every day when you don't have cable (for reasons anyone who has seen the movie will understand.)

My slot time was between 1 and 5, and my plan was to cancel if he couldn't get to my house before 3:30 (I only have an evening class, but I needed to get to work before then.) He called and he couldn't so I canceled.  Don't know when I will reschedule.

I'm glad I have a DVD player.  And a copy of Groundhog Day.