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Helen Chenoweth, RIP

Former Idaho congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage died yesterday in a car crash. She was a very classy lady. I read a very telling anecdote about how she dealt with her critics. Someone who disagreed with her opposition to putting salmon on the endangered species list threw a pie at her that was made out of salmon. After she cleaned herself off, she said "I would like to say that I find it amusing that they used salmon.I guess salmon must not be endangered anymore."

One of her constituents was Randy Weaver, of Ruby Ridge fame. She spoke out against the idea that Weaver's kooky political incorrectness was no justification for sending government agents to his home to kill his family. I liked that about her.

She was a strong proponent of limited government and property rights and lots of  people thought she was a nut. I will miss her.