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Stock Market

The Dow Jones industrial average closed at a record high today.  My trading portfolio was up, so I am a happy boy.

The Nathan Portfolio is also up, and beating my own portfolio  A big part of the reason is that  the Nathan Portfolio is fully invested and more than half of my trading portfolio is in cash. That's not an excuse...I was obviously way too pessimistic about this market.  But I'm glad I tempered my pessimism by keeping  a few holdings. If I was all cash I would probably be diving out a window right now.

I just checked my trading portfolio and the stocks in it are up .6% and the Dow was up .49%. OK, I am not a complete moron.


I wonder where Nathan read his stock tips...
That's a good question. I would like to think he didn't come up with them on his own...otherwise I am getting beat in the stock market by a guy who wanders the streets talking to himself.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what Nathan's cognitive abilities are. A lot of it seems to consisting of retaining things that he overhears. For instance, he has brought up the subject of Planck's constant with me, and I really don't think he knows a lot about that. (Hell, I had to look it up myself).

On the other hand, he seemed to have well formed arguments for the stocks he picked. So I don't know.

He is like a very buggy knowledge-based system. You would find him interesting if you met him.