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I am proud to say that I have no old Jackson's Java cups sitting around my house. I threw the last two away before I left for work this morning.

Lots of other news today. Coretta Scott King died. She was a very classy and dignified lady. She handled the murder of her husband and the public spotlight very well, both of which are hard to do.
She deserves a really good haiku.

Alan Greenspan is stepping down from his post as Fed Chairman after 18 years. After giving another rate increase of course. But he is only retiring, not dying, so no haiku for him.

I heard somewhere that he was responsible for all those stupid "WIN" (Whip Inflation Now) buttons that were handed out during the Ford administration.

OK just did a search. It's mentioned in an article by Murray Rothbard :

"Over the years, Greenspan has, for example, supported President Ford's imbecilic Whip Inflation Now buttons when he was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers"

I found several other references to it, including this one :

" I'm thinking of going out and having a bunch of new red and white WIN buttons made and handing them out to the people attending next Tuesday's FOMC meeting. Many of you will recall that WIN stands for Whip Inflation Now, the anti-inflation program launched by President Ford and his CEA Chair Alan Greenspan in the fall of 1974."

All of the major stock indices are down, but both my Cashin' In Challenge portfolio and my RL trading portfolio are up.I am still beating the Cashin' In panelists and I'm in the top 20% :) If it wasn't for the cups I'd thrown away, that would be my biggest achievement of the day.

Samuel Alito will be voted on today. The filibuster failed, and he will probably be confirmed. A lot of people are worried about the direction of the court. I'm a little worried, but not much. I'm not sure that conservative justices are any more dangerous to our liberties than liberal ones.

In two of the decisions that were most detrimental to our liberties last year, Clinton appointees voted with the majority. I refer to the New London eminent domain case and the California medical marijuana case. And in the eminent domain case, ALL of the conservative judges voted with the minority.

Antonin Scalia, while he will never get a "Judge Of The Year" award from the ACLU, is better on civil liberties than people think he is. He voted that there is a constitutional right to burn the flag in protest, against the use of heat detecting devices to find people growing pot in their homes, and to give due process to Guantanamo detainees. This is not to make the case that all of his decisions are pro-civil liberties. It is to make the case that if he believes a constitutional right exists, he will enforce it. If none exists, he won't. And that is what judges are supposed to do.

And he sure as hell doesn't think American judges should apply European law. That is one thing I really like about conservative judges.