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Mornings with Warren

There is no  more unsettling way to start your day than to hear Warren's voice coming out of your shirt pocket. That is how my day started.

I had overslept and was rushing to get to work, and had stuck my cell phone in my shirt pocket. As I was walking out to my car, I heard a voice coming out of my pocket.

I took my cell phone out and saw that I had accidentally called Warren. This happens sometimes when I forget to put keyguard on my phone.
Buttons get pushed (or as we say in the south, mashed), and sometimes a combination of buttons will get pushed that call someone on my contact list. I once called Elle that way.

I apologized profusely to him.  It is fun to annoy people with your cell phone, but I generally draw the line at doing it so early in the morning.
I also like for it to be deliberate, not a stupid accident. 

He was very nice about it, even though I probably woke  him up. If he'd known how I called him, he could have had some fun with it.  Instead of just saying "hello" , he could have said "LET ME OUT OF YOUR DAMN POCKET!".

Sigh. First I had to refrain from ripping on him because he was at death's door, and now I have to give him credit for being a good sport.