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The Oscar nominations came out yesterday. I have only seen one of the best picture nominees....
"Capote", which was pretty good. It was a bit slow for me at times (Lawrence Toppman used the word "claustrophobic"), but perhaps that should be blamed on my attention span (and I guess Lawrence Toppman's) and not the movie. What's not debatable is that Phillip Seymour Hoffman gave the best performance of the year.

Even though I haven't seen the other 4 nominees, I can't believe they are all better than "A History Of Violence" or "Proof", two of my faves from 2005.

I am in the middle of reading two books of short stories.."The Fifth Column and The First 49 stories" by Ernest Hemingway and an absolutely delightful collection called "Men And Cartoons". It has the coolest short story I've ever read in there...it's called "Super Goat Man". It's an even cooler story than the title suggests.

My RL trading portfolio underperformed the stock market today. Alas. I am still doing pretty well in the Cashin' In Challenge. Time will tell.