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My Weekend

I went to Landmark Friday night with the JJ gang, to celebrate queenjoni's birthday, along with muffdaddysmooth,smallutensils,
similarsmell, and a few others that don't have livejournal handles.

The conversation was ummm...interesting as it always is. One of the guys said he had trouble finding women who were into normal sex. I asked if he knew any who were into space docking. If you don't know what space docking is, you probably don't want to.

I know about it because I saw it mentioned in The Aristocrats. Of course, I was the oldest most unhip guy at the table so my knowledge of depraved sex acts was rather limited.

smallutensils and similarsmellquickly joined in, mentioning such things as the alaskan pipeline and mississippi corn dog that I, being old and unhip, had never heard of. AP and MCD were not mentioned in The Aristocrats. It was clear who was the piker and who were the true afficianados in this conversation.

I asked what these things were, which was a mistake, because they told me. I should have seen that coming.

I couldn't help but remark that these things made the dirty sanchez seem positively quaint. One of the ladies at the table asked what a dirty sanchez was and I told her she didn't want to know. (It's not that quaint).

The mississippi corn dog involves the ingestion of feces, so it's not surprising that the conversation turned to what exactly happens when one does eat poop.
muffdaddysmooth pondered whether it got absorbed into new poop or if it just went straight through.

It was a perfect storm of male conversation. The topic involved science AND being really gross.
So the subsequent turn in conversation was inevitable.

Amazingly, everyone retained their appetites throughout the course of conversation, and a splendid time was had by all.



Savage Love just happens to mention the mythical Donkey Punch this week. Pretty interesting....