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Catching Up

I obviously didn't make any entries over the Thanksgiving holiday. I suppose I should have because November 22 was an important day. It was the 43rd anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, and on a more important note, it was the 5 year anniversary of my last drink. I never know how to celebrate that. Having a drink would kind of defeat the purpose.

I have never been particularly enamored of Alcoholics Anonymous (and 5 years of sobriety without their help certainly doesn't make them more attractive) but the system they have of giving people chips after certain periods of sobriety is a good one. It provides positive reinforcement.

On the other hand, I can see where having a drink and then the next year celebrating a year without a drink might not be so bad. It's not abstinence, but it keeps the drinking down to one a year.

For those who read the last paragraph with some concern, I was mostly being fecetious.
Even if I wasn't, I still have to go 360 days without a drink. For those about to make a comment about spelling errors, keep in mind which word was misspelled before you do.

Thanksgiving was good. I got to spend the day at my ILOR's (In-laws once removed), with my brother, his wife, her family, and their kids. I didn't spend as much time with my niece and nephew as I usually do, since they were busy playing with their cousins. But I did get in some nice male bonding time with my sister-in-laws brother watching the That 70's Show marathon on FX. I never watched it much when it was on, and didn't realize what a great sitcom it was.

My brother was walking through the room as one of the episodes was coming on and said "Hey doc, do you know who wrote that theme song?" . I gave him a snotty look I wouldn't have thought someone as far past adolescence as myself was capable of and said "Of course. Alex Chilton". As a long time Alex Chilton fan I've always appreciated that T70S
gave him the commercial success that has eluded him since the Box Tops broke up.

Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving day. That and food. And for ILOR's who not only have been just like parents to me, but have also inspired me to coin a neologism.

I went shopping at Target this weekend and found a pair of slippers that looked just like Terrance and Philip from South Park. I thought I would remember the brand name but I don't. Damn I hate getting old.

I saw a nice little tribute to Milton Friedman, written by Ben Stein, on yahoo finance today. I am mentioning and linking it now before I forget. Because I am old and I forget things.


Way to go!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very proud of you.
Thanks. :)