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A Good Day

I made my  first successful trade at Tradesports today.  I had opened my account shortly before the election, and made a couple of disastrous trades. For instance, I purchased several shares of the "Republicans hold house" future. OOOPS. One day the Dow was down about 50 points, and I purchased a "Dow closes down 50 points." It closed down 49 and change. Not as blatantly stupid as the first one, but it doesn't matter how excusable  your error is if you lost money.

I got a little smarter  on my next trade. I purchased a "Dow will close higher" future, but had enough sense to sell and cut my losses a bit when it looked like I was initially wrong. (Which I was).

Today I purchased another  "Dow will close higher" future, and the Dow did indeed close higher. YAY. I made a whopping $1.30. OK, that's not exactly whopping, and it doesn't  cover the previous losses. I'm still happy though. I am starting to figure out how to do this tradesports thing.

Things are also good with my stock portfolio. It closed higher than it has in a couple of months. It also beat the Dow, even though the Dow did very well today. The  Dow was up .74% and my portfolio was up 1.2%.  This is  especially good for a Monday. On Mondays I  generally don't do as well.  I buy stocks on Mondays  and there's usually not time for the gains to compensate for the commissions.

I bought two stocks today. I purchased Coach ( a Christmas play) and Petro China ( a China play...duh). Between the two of them I have  a profit (albeit a microscopic one) after commissions. It has been a good day.