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Bette Midler, Britney Spears, and "Getting A Life"

Bette Midler has weighed in on the Great Britney Spears Vulva  Imbroglio. She referred to Ms. Spears and Lindsay Lohan (whose naughty bits have also been paparazzised) as "wild and woolly sluts" who need to "get a life".

I have always had a problem with the phrase "get a life". Never mind that it's a cliche...sometimes cliches are useful. The phrase generally refers to someone who has a lot of enthusiasm  for something that appears trivial to others. The problem is that triviality is in the eye of the beholder. The very existence of  the phrase  is proof that one man's driving passion  is anothers waste of time. "Get a life" very often means "get a life that's like mine".  I  like to sit around Jackson's Java doing number theory. In the eyes of many, I am a good candidate for getting a life, but from my point of view I am exercising my brain and having a good time. Of course, Britney  Spears is only doing one of those things. (I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader  to determine which).

So the objections outlined above are not my objections here. My objection is that  Ms. Midler has completely misdiagnosed the problem. Britney Spears is going out, having a social life, and generally doing all the things that people are NOT doing when they are told to get a life. Spears problems stem from the fact that she has a life. If she was home eating bonbons and watching Lifetime (or sitting in a coffee shop doing number theory) she would not be in the pickle she is in now.  "Go home" is much better advice for Ms.Spears than "get a life".

If anyone needs to get a life, it's me. Hell, look at the blog entry I just made.


So, should I return the life I got you for Christmas?