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Global Warming And Free Speech

Senators Jay Rockefeller and Olympia Snowe have written a letter to CEO  Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil demanding, among other things, that Exxon Mobil  stop funding think tanks that question global warming.  This is the second time in three months that senators have written a letter  discouraging someone from expressing certain ideas. In a previous entry, I wrote of a letter Democrat senators sent  to ABC to  persuade them  to edit or cancel their miniseries  The Path To 911.

These letters are disturbing. Although the letter to Tillerson did not have the force of law, the senate is in a position to pass legislation that could be harmful to Exxon Mobil. The senators know this, and Rex Tillerson knows this.  The senators letter to ABC contained veiled threats. The ability of the senate to make laws gives the senators leverage that a a private citizen does not have.  I hope there's enough public outrage about these  letters to keep them from becoming part of a larger trend, but I'm not optimistic.