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Sandy Berger and 9/11

The  inspector general of the National Archives has recently released a detailed report on Sandy Berger's pilfering of documents before his testimony to the 9/11 commission. It seems he took them out and hid them under a nearby construction trailer. This doesn't really jibe with his earlier claims that he took the documents by accident. Of course stuffing documents in your pants and socks isn't really consistent with an accident either. A good rule of thumb is to never believe someone who says they put something in their pants by accident.

There appears to be a concerted effort to whitewash the way Clinton dealt with terrorists. This is consistent with the attempt to strong-arm ABC into canceling or editing "The Path To 9/11", as well as Jamie Gorelick being on the 9/11 commission. I have written about the former, but the Gorelick business merits discussion. Ms. Gorelick was involved in making and implementing policies in the Clinton administration that effected the way we deal with terrorists. In particular, she was instrumental in building the "wall" between the FBI and the CIA. Reasonable people can differ as to whether that wall was a good idea, and I'll concede it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

But if she was involved in policy while Bin Laden was planning terrorist attacks, she is an interested  party. By putting her on the commission, she was effectively told to investigate herself.

And now it looks like Sandy Berger was also looking to skew the results. He took documents, cut them up with scissors, and no one knows how many other documents he took. He should go to prison for this, but he won't.