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Christmas was totally cool. Like Thanksgiving, it was spent at my ILORS house. My neice Alice and my nephew Bob (not their real names) were there and that was fun. Christmas is always more fun with kids around. Bob really liked the toys I got him. I'm glad, because it took some work to find toys that were sufficiently cool AND age appropriate. One of them was a toy motorcyle which was even cooler than I thought it was when I bought it. It actually talks. It puts its front wheel  up in the air and says "NINJA WHEELIE!". Now thats cool.

I got some good loot myself. My sister as usual, spent more on me than she should have. Among other things she got me a copy of  Edwin Lefevre's  Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and Sam Tanenhaus's biography of Whitaker Chambers. That's why  I made Chambers the userpic for this entry.  Lots of other people got me cool stuff too.

It was a good Christmas.