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New Years Resolutions

Every year I  resolve to do 3 things:

  1. Make the maximum legal contribution to my IRA
  2. Don't drink
  3. Read more books than I purchase. (I own a LOT of unread books)

I already took care of  #1 today. As for 2 and 3, so far so good. Number 3 has actually been tested....I went over to the campus bookstore earlier to buy some phone minutes and saw three really cool books I would love to have and didn't buy any of them. Somebody pat me on the head and tell me I'm good.

I think I'm going to add a couple of  "standing" resolutions:

  • Keep a rolling average of 100 blog entries every year
  • Be able to list all the Presidents in order.

The first one is rather modest. I will only have to make 59 entries this year to maintain it.  There are a couple of reasons. The first is, it's good to have realistic goals. The other one is that I don't want to sacrifice quality to quantity. It would be very easy to keep a goal of say, 200 entries a year by making them all  read something like: "Here's another entry. 199 to go!". Don't wanna do that. I may bump it up if it turns out to be too easy to keep.

I made the resolution about the presidents last year. Well into the year, I could list the presidents , so technically I kept the resolution. But by the time the holiday season rolled around,  I wasn't able to.  So I'm going to get to work on it again, and be able to list the presidents in order on Dec. 31, 2007.

Standing new years resolutions are kind of lazy. (Although 1 and 3 are defined in terms of a time frame and thus need to be made each year.) It's good to have fresh ones. So something I'm going to do this  year is to work my way through the book Writing The Waves,  a book of writing exercises I purchased a couple of years ago that I have yet to do anything with. Some of them may become blog entries, if I deem them worth sharing with the world (and if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how low a threshold that is.)

I also need to start an exercise program. I used to regularly climb the steps to the top of the 10 story campus library. I stopped doing that. I kind of have a good excuse...my department  moved to a part of campus where I have to climb steps just to get to the library. But that's not a good enough excuse. By June I want to be able to walk  to the library AND climb to the top, and start doing it at least twice a week.

There are a million things about myself I need to work on, but I think this what I've outlined here is a good start.


What about the resolution to not have sex with a certain "Golden Girl?"
Which one? Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Bea Arthur or Estelle Getty? I think the chances of not having sex with these women is pretty good anyway.
She refers to Bea Arthur.

But heck, maybe I should include all of them.