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Yet Another Jack Whittaker Story

For those less lottery-obsessed than I am, Jack Whittaker was the guy who in 2002 won $315 million dollars playing Powerball. At the time it was the largest jackpot ever. After lump sum reduction and takes he received $113 million.

Since then, there have been a steady stream of news stories about his (mostly self-inflicted) problems, including  being robbed of $500000 at a strip club, drunk driving arrests, the death of his granddaughter, and numerous lawsuits.

Now he is saying he is broke. According to Whittaker, thieves raided and emptied his bank accounts of all his cash. He says this is why he can't pay  a legal settlement against him.

I see three possibilities (in descending order of likelihood)

  1. He is making up the story because he doesn't want to pay the judgment
  2. He is making up the story because he really is broke and is embarrassed that he managed to  blow $113 million. (In those circumstances, I think I would probably make up a story too).
  3. Thieves really did clean out  his bank account!
No.3 is incredible on it's face, but adding to it's implausibility is his claim that the theft took place on September 11. What are the odds?

I hope #3 didn't happen. It's scary to think that everything you have in the bank could be stolen.

Every time I read these Jack Whittaker stories, it makes me wonder if I want to win powerball. Of course, he is probably anomalous. You never here these stories about Steve West or Brad Duke. Who are they,  you ask? Exactly.

I may win the powerball jackpot someday, but I probably won't.  But I am grateful to God that whenever it happens, it will happen AFTER I quit drinking. I'll bet Jack Whittaker wishes it happened for him that way.