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My day

I lolled around the house a bit this morning before coming in. On Fox and Friends they always show the United Airlines commercial where the guy goes on a business trip and carries along a rose to give to his mother. That commercial is one of the best things on television these days. I especially like the sly grins of the women behind the check-in counter when they see the rose. And the pretty flight attendant who brings him water for the flower. It just leaves you feeling good. Follow that commercial with a pretty lady announcing the stock market opening (today it was Brenda Butner...frequently it is Dagen McDowell) and the day gets off to a wonderful start.

I went in to see a guest lecturer for bioinformatics. His topic was "Algorithms for Studying Protein Folding, Enzyme Catalysis and Protein-Protein Interaction". It was an interesting talk.

There is actually a book called Bioinformatics For Dummies . I mentioned it to someone after the talk and he thought I was joking. I wasn't.

I used to think a fun telephone prank would be to call a book store and ask if they carried "Fourier Transforms For Dummies".I never actually pulled the prank, but thought it would be funny.

Bioinformatics isn't much less esoteric than fourier transforms. Perhaps someday my phone prank will become a reality.