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Easy Bake Oven News

Hasbro has recalled nearly a million of its Easy Bake Ovens. Apparently some children were getting
their hands caught in them and there were five reports of burns. I don't know if they involved maiming or permanent disfigurement. Barring that, I don't see a problem. The way I see it, it looks like an educational toy...kids learn not to stick their hands in ovens. I'd much rather they learn that from a toy oven than a real oven. It's not like anyone ended up dead like the kids in this Onion article. (Get away from that reply button...I know the Onion is fake.)

It's sad. I hope they don't take it off the market. Kids don't have enough tactile toys anymore.
Instead of playing with actual physical things, they play video games and chat with child molesters on the internet.

I have fond memories of my vac-u-form and thingmaker. My number one deficiency in life is that I've never been good working with anything that's at all tangible, but I can't imagine how much worse it would be if I didn't have the toys I had when I was a kid.