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Poetry Reading After-Action Report

Last night was the second Thursday of the month, and thus the night of the Jackson's Java poetry reading.

I managed to get a haiku written about Anna Nicole Smith, even though her death was made public only a few hours before the poetry reading. I had two people ask me about it before I even got through the door of Jackson's Java.

I had several memorial haiku to read, and I also read "My Fathers Eyes", since February is the month of his birthday. I worry sometimes about overexposing that poem, although there were people who hadn't heard it before and gave me compliments about it. I'm not going to include it in this posting, but if you want to read it I did put it in an earlier entry, which I have linked.

Below are the haiku. (Note one of them has hyperlinks in it...I think by posting a haiku with hyperlinks my geekhood has now become official and irrevocable).

Anna Nicole Smith

If Bernie Taupin
Writes no song for you at least
You have my haiku

Frankie Laine

The cowboy singer
Now rides a blazing saddle
Towards a shining star

Art Buchwald

Washington’s clown prince
Surrounded by bigger clowns
Gave us much laughter

Molly Ivins

May you rest in peace
And may Florence King forgive
Your plagiarism


You led a good life
And ran many good races
Happy trails to you

Sidney Sheldon

TV and novel
Author now eternally
Dreaming of Jeannie