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My Weekend

I had a pretty productive weekend. I finished grading all the tests I gave Thursday (that's 4 classes worth) and read a little more than half of F.A. Hayek's The Road To Serfdom. When I finish it, I will have read all the books on my recent trip to Borders with queenjoni .

I also finally got my DVD player working with the TV I recently purchased. It hadn't been working because I didn't have the cables plugged in right. That was good, although I wouldn't have that little bit of accomplishment if I had plugged it in right the first time.

All in all though, I finished the weekend feeling productive and competent. I love feeling that way.

I can't resist including a brief rant. I was at the customer service desk at Harris Teeter this weekend, and there were two signs regarding laws applying to purchases of certain products in the store. One was on North Carolina law regarding the purchase of kegs, and the other concerned products containing pseudoephedrine. I couldn't help but think about all the crime in Charlotte and wonder if cracking down on grocery shoppers is the best use of our law enforcement resources.

The purpose of the keg law is to make it harder for minors to have keg parties. (I won't address here the question of whether it's a good law). And I know why that have the pseudoephedrine law. (For those unaware, it's because pseudoephedrine is used in meth labs). What I didn't know is that the law is even more intrusive than I thought.Not only is there a limit as to how much sudafed you can get in one shopping trip, there are restrictions as to how much you can buy in a thirty day period. This means that the store has to keep records of you sudafed purchases. Yikes!

It is ridiculous to put restrictions on law abiding citizens because a product can be used for illegal purposes. (What product can't?). The net effect is that more meth will be smuggled in from Mexico, exacerbating our already severe problems with our border, and existing meth labs will be more profitable because the barrier to entry to meth dealing will have been raised.

OK, I'll admit that rant was not so brief. I'm just prone to wander from the topic sometimes.
And besides, just getting work done is a dull topic.