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Oh Brother

Fill in this blank :" Profiting off _______ -- it's the wrong message, the wrong product"

What could it be? Guns? Alcohol? You would think it is something nefarious.

The answer is (drum roll) COOKIES!!

Can you believe it? The above is a quote from the latest press release issued by the organization National Action Against Obesity. They want people to boycott girl scout cookies.

I remember after the nanny staters started going after trans fat, and got it banned in New York and Philadelphia, I asked the question "What's next, ice cream?".

I wasn't thinking absurdly enough.

Granted, this is just a boycott and doesn't have the force of law. And I believe everyone has a right to conduct or engage in a boycott. But it probably won't be long until NAAO starts lobbying on this matter. I fear that the Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will undergo yet another name change and become the BATFEGSC

The press release also suggests that Girl Scouts "look to Boy Scouts as a model". Now I'm confused. I thought that boys were stupid and you were supposed to throw rocks at them. Conventional wisdom just changes too quickly these days.

I'll grant that obesity is a big problem (and here's a side question...why does a culture as vain and glamor-obsessed as ours have an obesity epidemic?). I will further grant that I, as a person of size, am part of the problem and would probably benefit from listening to some of NAAO's suggestions. But my obesity is my problem and getting rid of it is my responsibility. I don't want anybody picking on a bunch of poor little girl scouts on my account.