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Weekend: Lunch With Elle

Saturday Elle and I attended a benefit luncheon for the USO given by WBT. It was at The Palm and all of the WBT radio personalities were going to be there.

Literally tons of people were there. Elle and I were seated at a booth for Tara Servatius fans.
Our companions at the booth were a guy from the USO and former councilwoman Lynn Wheeler. We made our introductions and when she said "I'm Lynn Wheeler" I said "I thought so." I probably broke a rule of etiquette there

Ms. Wheeler is an attractive woman and a pleasant dining companion. (I hasten to add, not as pleasant or attractive as Elle.) I would have never guessed she was 62 years old. Much of the conversation was about how glad she was to be out of the public eye. She seemed so happy to be a private citizen I feel a little guilty about mentioning her in this blog entry. She also chatted with Elle about being a dog owner (Elle owns a great big dog, Wheeler an itty bitty one).

Keith Larson came by the table with his wife to introduce himself. It was interesting to meet his wife.I'd heard her on the radio many times, calling Keith to nag him and yell at him, but I'd never seen a picture of her. I think I enjoyed talking to him more than Lynn Wheeler did.

Craig Madans also came over to say hello to Lynn. With both of them there I felt like I was in the middle of a special Charlotte version of The Surreal Life, only with better  food and accommodations.

The USO guy was interesting to talk to. He works with the local branch, and told me it was completely independent of the national organization. They are set up at the airport and provide servicemen a place to relax between legs of a flight, as well as other services. He told me about a very young soldier who missed a connecting flight because his previous flight was delayed, and they helped set him up with a hotel room for the night. Learning about all the things they do for soldiers made me glad I'd shelled out for the lunch.

Finally Tara Servatius, the main person Elle and I wanted to meet, came by our table. I've been a regular listener and caller to her show since it went on the air. Elle told me one day she heard her talking about her show coming up that Sunday. She wasn't expecting a lot of listeners and said "it'll just be me and babydoc and two or three other people." (of course she used my real name). Wow.

She was very chatty and friendly and she signed pictures of herself for us. She told me I'd helped her out by calling in early several times when she was worried about having to fill up the air without callers. I was gratified to hear that. I have called the show early several times, only to hear her bring up a topic later that I would have preferred to talk about. It made me consider using a sultans dowry type strategy and calling in later, but I'm glad I didn't now.

It was a wonderful day. I spent time with Elle, ate good food, and got to hobnob with Charlotte's media personalities and political has-beens. Hard to beat that.