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Academy Awards

Once again, I didn't watch the academy awards presentation, even though this year I had more reason to (which I will elaborate upon presently). I don't see the point in spending all that time watching some dumb tv show when I can read the results the next day. That way I can spend the time watching a dumb tv show that I like better.

I was glad to see Martin Scorsese finally win an oscar. The academy followed a longstanding tradition of giving an award to someone who has been unfairly snubbed in the past, usually for work inferior to what they really should have won for. The most famous example is Al Pacino's best actor award for Scent Of A Woman.

Little Miss Sunshine won two awards. The best supporting actor award for Alan Arkin was richly deserved, although it is a shame that Steve Carell was not nominated. Carell always makes any movie he is in a little better than it would have been and LMSS was no exception.
I think the same is true of Arkin's performance though.

It absolutely did not deserve the best original screenplay it won. Michael Arndt's screenplay was very sloppy work, and he seems to hold the all too common belief that if your characters are quirky enough you don't need to concern yourself with quality writing. There were too many unbelievable moments in the film for it to deserve honors for writing.

There was one moment in the film that should have disqualified it for a screenplay Oscar. This was when the teenage son suddenly learns that he is colorblind, and that because of his colorblindness he can't join the air force. I just didn't buy that someone could make it to their teen years without knowing that they are colorblind. Of course, the earlier years of his life weren't included in the movie. I'm pretty sure that's why he didn't find out sooner.

It wasn't quite as jarringly unbelievable that someone who wanted to get in the Air Force as badly as he did didn't know the qualifications, but it was unbelievable all the same. And the desire itself to join the Air Force was problematic. Most of the time, angry and alienated teenagers (and we know he was angry and alienated because he is seen reading Nietzsche at the beginning of the movie) don't have joining the military as their driving motivation in life. Hell, they don't have driving motivations at all. Otherwise they wouldn't be angry and alienated.

Olive, the little girl who wanted to be Little Miss Sunshine was sweet and adorable. She was too sweet and adorable. So many of the people who praise this movie for it's "honesty" fail to see that Olive is more perfect than any child who has ever lived. She remained perfectly serene during the calamity-ridden journey to the beauty pageant. Children on a relatively smooth trip will melt down eventually if the trip is long enough. Even if they're sweet and adorable. I feel pretty sure Michael Arndt has never traveled with children.

I had mentioned in my opening that I had an interest in who won the academy awards this year. This is because I had bought prediction futures at intrade for a victory by Martin Scorsese and The Departed. I bought one for best picture and one for best director, and both paid off. I made a whopping $6.70! I tried to buy one for An Inconvenient Truth winning best documentary, but it was such a shoo-in that I could never get one at a price I wanted. I did however, buy one for Al Gore getting the Democratic nomination on the assumption that it would go up after his film won the Oscar.


"I did however, buy one for Al Gore getting the Democratic nomination on the assumption that it would go up after his film won the Oscar. I was right. :)"

are you saying that al gore has tossed his name out there along with hillary and obama? or something else? just confused... can't find confirmation for anything gore like on google news, so...
i know i'm having a dialogue with myself about nonsense, but is this what you were talking about?

He hasn't tossed his name out there. But there is enough buzz about it for there to be an "Al Gore will be the Democratic Nominee" future on Intrade. Basically, this is a...ummm....thing that will ultimately be worth $10.00 if he gets the nomination and zero if he doesn't. It can fluctuate between those two prices until the nomination is decided.
Just to clarify things, I included a link to the futures page (with text "one for Al Gore getting the Democratic Nomination") in the article. I also edited out the "I was right" part because when I looked at the futures page it was down. Alas.