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Deroy Murdock

Monday evening I was walking back from the campus coffee shop, minding my own business. Unlike most stories that start with someone minding their own business, this one turns out well.

I heard someone call my name. I turned around and I saw one of my students with a well-dressed black man. They approached me and my student asked "are you coming to the talk tonight?". Not knowing there even was a talk, I asked who the speaker was and he gestured towards his companion. The man extended his hand and introduced himself as Deroy Murdock. I said "wow". He chuckled and said "I don't get that very often."

Murdock is a syndicated columnist and contributor to National Review Online. I have read his columns and seen him do the talking head thing on TV a couple of times. He's not as famous as, say, George Will, but he is pretty famous for someone I would just happen to run into. I've met more famous people, but none of them accidentally.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go to his talk. A face-to-face meeting was a nice consolation prize, though.

I'll have to walk along minding my own business more often.