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Stuff I've Learned Recently

I got a couple of interesting emails yesterday. One was from my brother with a trivia question. The question was

Jimmy Carter was the first President____________________.(fill in the blank)

Jimmy Carter was the first President to be born in a hospital.

I got another email with a link to a scientific paper about what happens when you fry an egg. . Interesting stuff.

I went to Melanie Chartoff's home page and learned that in addition to being an accomplished television and voice actress she is also an inventor . Impressive.

And one more thing I've learned recently. If you screw up the href part of an anchor tag (specifically, by leaving off a closing quote), livejournal won't give you a diagnostic. It will just cut off the rest of your article. So if anyone reading this has difficulty posting an article with lots of links in it, this is something to look for.

Now for the financial news. I am about in the same situation in the Cashin' In challenge that I've been in. Still beating the S&P, still in the top 20% of contestants, but still behind Cashin' In panelist Wayne Rogers.. (The gap is closing though...I am up 3.29% for the year to his 3.87%)

My RL trading portfolio is downright embarassing. It was down today when all the major indices were up. Bah.