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Happy Birthday To Mie!

49 years ago today I arrived in the world. So did Martin Fry of the 80s band ABC and Mitsuyo "Mie" Nemoto of the singing duo Pink Lady (and star of the very very short lived TV series Pink Lady And Jeff.) In honor of Ms. Nemoto, I am including a video Pink Lady made in 2004. I am pretty sure Mie is the one on the left, but whichever one she is, she clearly took better care of herself than I did.

As far as I know, Martin Fry and Mitsuyo Nemoto are the most famous people born on the same day of the same year as I was. There are some other famous people who share my birthday but were born in a different year. On the off chance they are reading my blog, happy birthday to John Cale, Ornette Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis, and Bobby Fischer.


Happy Birthday!!
many happy returns! also, bukowski died 13 years ago today.
Happy Birthday baby!!!

sorry it's late! hope it was good!

Thanks spooky. Always nice to hear from you.

BabyDoc's Birthday Haiku

On your special day
And the rest of the year, too
I hope you're happy

Re: BabyDoc's Birthday Haiku

Thanks for the haiku
I'm glad that it was not the
memorial kind