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queenjoni's recent posts have inspired me to get more serious about exercise. So I just walked over to the library and took the stairs to the 7th floor. Getting to the library from my office itself involves climbing enough stairs to get to the 3rd floor of most buildings. (I think QJ can vouch for that).

I got pretty winded. There was one person on the seventh floor and he asked me if I was alright. I explained why I was so winded, and told him if I had tried to make it to the 8th floor I probably wouldn't be.

I took the elevator back down to the ground floor. A guy got on with a shirt that indicated he was in the school of nursing. I joked to him that I was glad he was on the elevator with me. He took me more seriously than I meant for him to so I told him about climbing the stairs.

I learned something from all this: You know you have gotten a good workout if people ask you if you are OK.


i vouch...if you consider the walk to the library, you walked up 11 flights of stairs...so your up 1 from your previous regimen.

also, great job, keep up the good work! you get an A+.
Thanks for the vouch and the encouragement. :)


About an hour ago, I made it to the 10th floor!