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mamma mia

Elle took me out to dinner and a play last night. We had dinner at the Thai House (yum) and went to see Mamma Mia. For those unfamiliar, Mamma Mia is a musical based on the songs of ABBA.

Of course, if something gets put in my head it eventually gets googled, so I was looking at stuff about ABBA on the web today, and I found this interesting observation in their Wikipedia entry:

"SOS" became the first song with a palindromic title recorded by a group with a palindromic name to hit the pop charts

I can't believe that I had never thought about it before. I guess it's because I have thought more about Abba today than I have in the combined previous years of my life.

While I am giving ABBA factoids, their name of course represents a number in hexadecimal . The decimal value is 43962. This is a multiple of 17, as all palindromic hex numbers are.

MM is the first recent musical to be made around "off-the-shelf" songs. I use the qualifier "recent" because Singin' In The Rain was made in a similar way. Producer Arthur Freed (with Nacio Herb Brown) had written all the songs originally for MGM musicals from the 20's and 30's.

Mamma Mia started a bit of a fad in musicals. Since it's debut, musicals based on the songs of Billy Joel and Queen have also been produced.

I would love to see somebody do the same the thing for songs of They Might Be Giants. I would camp out for tickets and make any Star Wars geek look like a piker.
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A small correction

I said that all palindromic hexadecimal numbers are divisible by 17 (seventeen). This actually applies only to palindromic hexadecimal numbers with an even number of digits.

I am such a retard sometimes!!