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A hoax and a half

A website called Lark News recently published a story about Christian Ministries outsourcing their prayer lines. It is quite an amazing story, until you figure out that Lark News is sort of an evangelical Christian version of the Onion. You have to look pretty carefully at the website to see that. They are better at not tipping their hand than Landover Baptist Church. But if you look at their story about Veggie Tales, it becomes pretty clear that they are a gag site.

Lots of people bought it though. I was listening to lots of outraged callers on a radio show today, and I thought it was pretty outrageous myself until I took a look at the website. And I found that by searching the news section of google! (I just did the search again and didn't find the story.I guess someone corrected them).

That was the hoax. I am using the word a bit broadly, since I don't think there was an intent to deceive. Although it probably deserves to be called a hoax as much as Orson Welles broadcast of War Of The Worlds does.

The half hoax is this story of the woman with the nipple on her foot. This is a rather aromatic story, but I haven't found compelling evidence that it's a hoax. This appears to be on the Discovery Channel website , which I assume is not a gag site. One anomaly I notice is that a search for the word "nipple" from their home page doesn't turn up any results,so MAYBE their is some spoofing going on.

On the other hand, a google search did manage to turn up the same story in what appears to be a legitimate scientific journal. Appears to be.

So I don't know. The internet is a big place, so if it's a hoax someone will probably expose it.