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Happy Sophie Germain Day

As most of the people reading this probably know, March is Women's History Month. Today is the 23rd day of that month, and 23 is a Sophie Germain prime.

A Sophie Germain prime is one that produces another prime when you multiply it by 2 and add 1. Obviously this is not the only date this month that was a Sophie Germain prime (2,5,and 11 qualify also). But 23 is the last in a fairly long chain of SG primes., which makes it a bit more interesting than its predecessors. It also has a lot of other interesting properties (such as appearing in genetics and a recent Jim Carrey movie).

Since this is a date in women's history month with a close relationship to the work of Sophie Germain, and she is a prominent woman in mathematical history , I hereby declare March 23 to be Sophie Germain day.


...and a Happy Sophie Germain Day to You!