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I had a good day today. I wrote four  haiku about  recently deceased celebrities to read at the Jackson's Java poetry reading tonight, graded a stack of tests (a sections worth), ran off another bunch of tests, and did more research into what happens when you fry an egg .      

The reason for all the egg stuff  has to do with denatured proteins, which were mentioned at the talk I went to the other day.
Someone explaining them to me after the lecture used the example of an egg frying. Apparently a denatured protein has a more string like structure. This makes them more easily representable as character strings, and therefore easier to process with a perl program. Perl is a preferred language of folks in the bionformatics field.

I don't know for sure if this is the reason people in the field are interested in denatured proteins, or if there are other reasons. In general, you should not look to my posts as a place to learn about bioinformatics, because I am quite ignorant on the subject.. Much of what I say is conjectures I make on the way to figuring it out.

I'm keeping this short because I have a poetry reading to go to.