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Poetry Reading After Action Report

Last night was the poetry reading at Jackson's Java. It was the 8th anniversary of Jonathan doing poetry readings at Jackson's Java, and one of the regular attendees brought a cake. It was also the first reading since the Spring 2007 issue of Iodine Poetry Journal came out, and Jonathan brought some with him to sell. As I had mentioned in a previous posting, I have a poem in that issue. Being the egomaniac that I am, I bought 10.

I had quite a few dead celebrity haiku to read. In addition to the dead folks mentioned in an earlier post, I also wrote haiku for Bob Clark, Johnny Hart, and Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut was a last minute addition, since I learned of his death the day of the reading, much like Anna Nicole Smith. Probably the only way Kurt Vonnegut is like Anna Nicole Smith. When I got to the Vonnegut haiku, I halfway expected to see a lot of money changing hands to settle wagers on whether I had written one. I didn't. Sometimes I overestimate my importance in the world.

I also read the poem "Pol Pot" that appeared in Iodine. I'm going to include the haiku here, but not the poem from Iodine. I'd rather not undercut Jonathan's sales. You can get a copy of Iodine at Park Road Books or the Book Rack if you want to read it. If you're short on cash, they have it at the UNCC and Davidson College libraries.

Here's the haiku:

Charles Harrelson

Father of Woody,
Maybe one of three hobos,
Killer. What a life!

John Backus

You gave us Fortran
Computers understand us
Programmers thank you

Calvert DeForest

David Letterman
Praised you best: “A genuine,
Nice, and modest man”

Bob Clark

You richly deserve
A twenty one Red Ryder
BB gun salute

Johnny Hart

Before the Flintstones,
Before Geiko commercials,
You gave us cavemen

Kurt Vonnegut

God Bless You, Mister
Vonnegut, and thank you for
All the granfalloons


The bob clark one is my favorite...My dad is planning to get rad ryder bb guns for the boys next Christmas.

My 1st thought when I heard about Kurt Vonnegut was I wander what Cloyd will write. Funny thing was I was too hopped up on post-surgery pain meds. to realize that it was so close to a Poetry Thursday and that I wouldn't have to wait long for it.
Thanks for the comment. The KV is probably the weakest of the 3 since it was written on such short notice.

Hope your surgery recovery is going well.