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The oops was Friday. I typed in an entry and apparently just walked off (or something) without saving it. The entry mostly consisted of poems I'd read at the Jackson's Java poetry reading Thursday night. There were five memorial haiku.

Chris Penn

He was a nice guy,
Eddie. Condolences to
His older brother.

Al Lewis

Cherry blossoms fall
A bat flies out of a house
On Mockingbird Lane

Shelly Winters

Your death makes me think
Of your submerged body in
Night Of The Hunter

Betty Freidan

A congresswoman
Wait, that was Bella Abzug
I get them confused

Coretta Scott King

Has anyone here
Seen my old friend Coretta?
She is with Martin

I wrote the one about Al Lewis about 30 minutes before the poetry reading started. I had forgotten that he'd died until J reminded me.

I also read (and included in Friday's entry) a poem I'd written about my father.

My Father's Eyes

It's easy to describe my father's eyes

And that's because of late

I am my father's eyes

Advancing years have diminished his sight

He can still see outlines and shapes

But when he needs to see detail

I am my father's eyes

I read directions and recipes to him

When he cooks

And learn that burgundy greatly improves

The flavor of beef stroganoff

I read coin and stamp catalogues to him

And learn that coins from the Holy Land

Last thousands of years

Because of the arid climate there

I take him to the doctor

His nurse practitioner appears to be of Thai extraction

Her hair is as black

As the night of a tryst with an unforgotten lover

Her eyes are as brown

As the sweetest chocolate I've ever tasted

And I take joy in her beauty

And I take joy in the attention and loving care she gives my father

But I feel sad and inadaquate

That I can't send the delicious signals to his brain

That I would send

If I were the eyes he was born with

Someday I will be very old

And statistics and genetics tell me

That my eyesight will not be good

But I'll take joy in memories stored up

Of things I saw

When I was my father's eyes

There were a couple of things I mentioned in the entry that were in the future then and in the past now. One is that I was going to give J money to buy powerball tickets. She bought them. I didn't win the $250 million. Oh well.

The other was going to see The Merchant Of Venice on campus Saturday night. I saw it with my friend Elle (not her real name) and found it to be quite enjoyable. I had never seen or read the play before but it was remarkably easy to follow, especially considering that there were fewer cast members than there were characters.

A lot of famous lines are in this play, some of which I was unaware of. Like "The quality of mercy is not strained". Elle pointed out that the character uttering that line was a bit hypocritical, considering how severely they dealt with Shylock. She had a point.

Anyway, that is my recap of what would have been in Friday's entry if I had remembered to save it and was able to see into the future. I'm going to save this before I forget.
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I love your poetry. I still have the copy of "My Father's Eyes" you gave me a long time ago. It's my favorite.

Thank you