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Virginia Tech

How sickening. How tragic. Even worse, fingers are already starting to point. I think this happens a lot with murder-suicides...you want to punish somebody, but the perp is dead. So you punish the school. You punish gun-owners. You punish some poor kid with a blog who just happened to have a few things in common with the perp. The one person you can't punish is the actual guilty party, because he killed himself.

It's better  to focus on the good people, like Liviu Librescu , an Isreali immigrant and a holocaust survivor who taught engineering at VT. He blocked the door of his classroom so that his students could escape and ended up being killed himself. He probably could have saved himself if he wasn't as concerned about the welfare of his students, but he was.

It certainly gives me a lot to think about. I'd like to think I would do that for my students, but without being in that situation, I can't know for sure. I do know about Librescu though. God bless Liviu Librescu and rest his soul.