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Poetry Reading After Action Report 5/10/07

I almost didn't make the poetry reading last night. Grades are due soon and I'd had the flu, which slowed down my progress considerably.
But people had died, and I certainly didn't want to neglect the passing of some of the people we'd lost since the last reading.  I decided I would try to get at least one classes worth of exams graded and write some haiku in time for the poetry reading. I managed to get the tests graded about an hour before the reading and dash off some haiku. The reason for this preamble is to explain why some people are missing, and why the haiku aren't all that good. (The Wally Schirra haiku was written AT the poetry reading, about 10 minutes before I was called up to read.)

I discovered after the reading that the middle  line of the Boris Yeltsin haiku had eight syllables. Nobody said anything, but I sure felt stupid when I read it the next day. (Aren't you supposed to stop saying "I felt stupid the next day" after you've quit drinking?). So I've included the one I read last night and the corrected version.

Tom Poston


I knew you for years

From game show to sitcom days

Fare thee well, old friend


Don Ho


Don Imus was not

Around to announce your death

It is just as well


Boris Yeltsin


From iconoclast

To autocrat. Your legacy will

Be hotly argued


Boris Yeltsin (corrected version)


From iconoclast

To autocrat. Your legacy

Will cause much debate


Wally Schirra


There are none like you

Left on this planet. Truly,

You had the right stuff.



Liviu Librescu


Your young life was spared

In the holocaust,  so you

Could then save  young lives