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A Very Larry David Experience

I went into the office a couple of days ago, and I noticed that downstairs there was some food laid out for a reception. There were dispensers for coffee and tea, and lots of cookies. There was nobody around, so I figured there must be some people inside one of the conference rooms having a seminar or something.

I carefully looked around to make sure that no one else was there and pilfered a chocolate chip cookie. Then I noticed a table with some flowers and some pictures of a young woman on it. I went over to the table and noticed a little flier that said where donations to the Jane Doe Memorial Fund could be made.

The "seminar or something" was a memorial service. I had pilfered a cookie from the bereaved. I don't even think the cookie monster has sunk so low in his pursuit of cookies. I felt horrible.

Then a couple came out of the room. Fortunately I had very carefully palmed the cookie. They saw me at the table and asked if I knew the deceased. I said I didn't. I noticed a basket on the table and I asked if it was for donations to the memorial fund, and the lady said it was.

I felt so damn guilty about the cookie I put five dollars in it.

The reason for this title is that this is the sort of situation Larry David always gets himself into on Curb Your Enthusiasm. In fact on episode 35 he did pilfer  something from a memorial service, except that it was a golf club and not a cookie. (At least Larry David sank that low for something of a little more value). I was telling queenjoni  about this and she said "Since you felt guilty you are like Larry David. George Costanza would have gone back and gotten another cookie." That made me feel a little better



That's hysterical.