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I finally have a new roof. I took too long to get around to it, but better late than never.

The guy who did it gave me a very good price, and did a good job of cleaning up after himself.  He was recommended by a neighbor who does other work on my house. He seems to have done good work, although I don't know enough about roofing to say that definitively. I have a ridge vent now. I also found out that the last people to roof my house (my parents hired them) did it completely wrong. Wrong in a way that caused lots of water to get in around my chimney. They (the previous roofers) also left behind some shingles. One of the people this time found them while they were cleaning up their own mess.

My only complaints are small. They canceled a couple of times because they were having trouble getting the color shingle I wanted (aspen grey). I would have been just as happy to take potluck for the color. And their tools kept blowing out the circuit breakers in my house. That's probably more the fault of the people that did the original wiring in my house than the roofing crew.

I will probably give them a good write up on angies list.

It's great to have a new roof. It looks nice, and I don't have to worry when it rains. I feel like a lady who has just bought $3250 worth of new clothes.

 You know you are middle-aged when your retail therapy is getting a new roof.