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Animal House

One nice thing about having new roof is that some of the places where animals get into my house have been sealed off. (I'm not sure if all of them have.)

There are a couple of entry points inside the house where small animals can get in. One day I heard some noise in my laundry room, and I was pretty sure it was a squirrel. (There is an opening where part of the water heater goes out of the house.) I didn't know for sure because the laundry room door was closed.

One night  I was lying on the couch in my den and I heard some rustling noises.Out from under a pile of my stuff came a baby possum. At least I think it was a baby possum. It could have been a really mangy squirrel. I yelled at it and he got back under the stuff. Bad move on my part. Then I opened the back door and made a bunch of noise where he was and he left.

Interestingly, I made the noise by shaking the handle of an old butter churn against its sides. How tobacco road is that?

I was telling Elle about it and said I should probably keep my den floor a little neater so possums wouldn't have a place to hide. She laughed and said "Is There A Possum In Your Den?" might be a good title for a home improvement book.

I told her about the time a while back when a squirrel had gotten into the living area of the house through the attic. And how you can't appreciate just how damn fast squirrels are until you are chasing one through your house.

She pointed out that I have a LOT of "animal in my house" stories. She was right. In addition to the stories I've related here, there were some birds that got in once. and on two separate occasions a raccoon has gotten in. (Fortunately, the raccoon sized entries were sealed up shortly after my father died.)

I am a regular Grizzly Adams.

There was an episode of the Andy Griffith show where Ernest T. Bass, after his hopes at romance were dashed, comforted himself by saying "Bachelor life isn't so bad if you can get a bunch of squirrels and possums to move in with you" (or something like that.). That would probably work for a rugged outdoorsman like Ernest T Bass, but I am a bit too much of a city feller to follow his counsel, at least in this instance.

I am glad I got my roof fixed.