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Well, it's not exactly the middle of the year. July 2 is the middle day of the year (being the 183rd day of the year).

But today is the last day of the 6th month, and that's close enough.

I bring all of this up because I think it's good halfway through the year to look at how you are doing with your new years resolutions. It keeps one honest.

In my post in January on the subject I mentioned three standing resolutions I make every year.

The first one was to make the maximum legal contribution to my IRA. I did that before I made my post. It has been a pretty easy resolution to keep so far, but next year it may become more challenging. I've spent a pretty penny on my house this year and I will probably be buying a car in the next 12 months,so finding the money might be trickier. Stay tuned.

The second one was not to drink. This one is actually pretty easy to keep. It's easy enough that it makes me feel guilty when people praise me for quitting. I was always capable of not drinking. It was just stopping that was a problem. So I took the easy way and quit altogether.

The third one was to read more books than I buy. I have kept a closer eye on that this year than I have in the past and I am pleased to say I am so far keeping that one. I have purchased 15 books and read 21. Like the IRA resolution, this one may be trickier to keep next year. I have done a pretty good job of going through the unread books I own.

I introduced a couple of new standing resolutions. The first was to keep a rolling average of 100 blog entries per year. I made entry #200 several weeks ago, so I could make no more entries for the rest of the year and keep that one. The other one was to maintain my ability to list the US Presidents in order. I checked that right before I made this entry. Still good. :)

On my non-standing resolutions I have not done as well. I had resolved to take the stairs to the top of a 10 floor building near my office and start doing that at least twice a week by June. I have kept the first half of that resolution (climbing to the top), but I haven't fulfilled the second half. Technically, I can't fulfill the second half now because June is over. Alas.

And I have done next to nothing on working through Writing The Waves. I just looked at the first few pages, and that's it. Double alas.

In other news, I recently had a new toilet installed in my house. You can actually flush it without sticking your hand in the tank. Now I can have ladies over.

I also got a permanent account here at livejournal.

A good midyear resolution  might be to get better at  writing conclusions. Because I have no idea how to end this entry.