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I Learned Something Today

I was in my office today, minding my own business when I looked over at the desk in the front of my office and saw a rather strange insect crawling around on it.  I had no idea what kind of insect it was. (It looked a little like the userpic for this entry.)

I decided to take it outside. I picked up the manila envelope it was on and made my way downstairs so I could release it. He did a pretty good job of staying on the envelope. When he got to the edge  I would slowly turn it over so he could be crawling on top of it again.

On my way out of the building, it occurred to me that the biology department was in the same building as my department . Maybe somebody there could tell me what kind of insect I had found.

The building I am in is huge (it houses at least 4 departments) so I spent a lot of time wandering around with my manila envelope and my new six-legged friend trying to find the biology department. I imagine it looked rather strange.

I finally found the biology department. As one would expect on a Friday afternoon, the place was pretty much deserted. I saw one guy whose door was open, but felt a bit shy about barging into a strangers office carrying a strange insect on a manila envelope. I went by the main office and stuck my head in the door. Holding the insect out of view, I asked about a friend of mine who is in the biology department. They told me he didn't come in on Fridays. Alas. I asked one of the people there who had expertise in insects, and he gave me the name of the guy I'd seen earlier.

Maybe he wouldn't object to my barging into his office with a strange insect after all.

And he didn't. I stuck my head in his office and asked him what kind of insect I had. He told me it was an assassin bug. Wow. What a cool insect I had found. ( they are so cool they even have their own website.) He told me to be careful with it because it's bite was very painful. What a badass bug.

I briefly considered keeping it as a pet and naming it Lee Harvey. I quickly dismissed the idea, since I really had no idea how to care for it. (I wasn't aware at the time of this web site). So I went outside and knocked it off the envelope on to the ground. He landed on his back so I turned him over. I went back inside to my office and I assume he went off looking for other insects to assassinate.

It was a beautiful friendship while it lasted.


That's really awesome. Thank you for not killing the bug on site. It really pisses me off when people just assume that a bug is a pest before finding out about it.